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Chair of Analytical Chemistry

Department of analytical chemistry

Chemicalfaculty, тел.: +38(056) 776-59-34.
Headofdepartment – Vishnikin Andriy Borisovich, doctorofchemicalsciences, professor,

Department staff: 9 high school teachers: 1 professor, doctorofchemicalsciences,6 docents, candidates of chemical sciences, 2 lecturers.

Training courses: fundamentals of analytical chemistry, modern instrumental methods of analysis, environmental analytical chemistry, analysis of pharmaceuticals, quality control of food products, spectroscopic and electrochemical methods of analysis.

Basic directions of scientific investigations: spectroscopic (spectrophotometry, atomic-absorptionspectroscopy) andelectrochemical methods of analysis; modern liquid-liquid and solid phase microextraction; analytical chemistry of heteropoly complexes;modern automated flow methods of analysis;analytical chemistry of polyelectrolytes; determination of platinum group metals by using new organic reagents;visual test-methods;analysis of biomedical objects;analysis of natural waters, soils, food products, environmental objects, pharmaceutical preparations.

International activity: members of the department, students and PhD students pass scientific training and are taught in European universities, including Lund University (Sweden), Charles University (Hradec Kralove, Czech republic), Yagellonian University (Krakow, Poland), Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece). The general agreement on bilateral cooperation has been signed between P.J. Safarik University and DNU (Kosice, Slovak republic).